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  • ChangHoon Jang M.D.

    Chairman of DOCEO healthcare

    Dr. Jang co-founded DOCEO healthcare under entrepreneurship and caring lives. He had worked with influential stakeholders and business partners who known from his extensive experience and connections in healthcare industry.

  • JangSik Jung

    CEO of DOCEO healthcare

    Mr. Jung having experience of HANDOK, sanofi, NovoNordisk pharmaceutical, aiming to develop DOCEO more solidly by securing diverse products and upgrading the company system, which have grown on the basis of excellent medicines and medical devices as a total pharmaceutical importing company. He has been serving as a CEO since March 2019.

    Business Development

  • ChangSeop Kim M.D.

    Head of Electronic Medical Records and its derived business.

    Dr. Kim interested in the big data of human beings since in SungKyunKwan University Medical school faculty and seeking new opportunities in the Electronic Medical Records and its efficient applications for various purposes.